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In modern times, Moldavite has become known as one of the more prized stones for metaphysical purposes. With wildly varying effects, it’s known to create reactions from mild to almost overwhelming. Known for everything from cleansing the physical, to spiritual breakthroughs, the common denominator definitely being acceleration of one’s spiritual growth. The high vibrations of this stone can alter one’s energy pattern, creating an intensification in spiritual vitality, leading to accelerated progress on the path to one’s highest destiny. Many of these effects are very similar to what legend states might have been encountered through exposure and use of the holy grail, helping whoever possessed it to fully awaken, truly realizing the intelligence of the human heart. Through the heart’s electromagnetic field and its unmeasurable field of subtle energies, one may directly perceive the conditions of other people in the world. Because it literally fell from the stars, Moldavite is highly respected and revered in the spiritual community. It has an intense frequency and even when touching it you can feel this energy surge right through you. It’s a stone that certainly turns up the dial when it comes to accelerating spiritual and emotional journeys and this can take some getting used to. As Moldavite is earth and stardust infused, it is genuinely a stone of transformation and can bring out some incredible changes in those who know how to harness its otherworldly energy. One of the best ways to raise your vibrations with Moldavite is to wear it. Wearing Moldavite in jewelry allows its energies to remain in your vibrational field during the day. This strengthens its effects and increases the incidents of beneficial synchronicities in daily life. Moldavite is also used to improve memory, and also has brain balancing characteristics. For those who want to use Moldavite to tap into psychic powers, wearing it and meditating with it will help you to access spirit guides, cosmic connections, universal truth, angels, and ancestors too. Moldavite is rare, precious, and can be hard to find because it isn’t here en masse and it’s likely to go extinct as there is only a limited supply of it on our planet. The fact that it can only be found in one area on Earth means it will run out eventually and there will be nothing left for us to mine. Extracting Moldavite is complex work and refining it is also a delicate job which makes it even more precious.

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